This weekend, a “food truck” event will be held at Sennan Rinku Park in Osaka!

Food Truck Street Festival, a gourmet event featuring unique food trucks, will be held at Sennan Rinku Park in Osaka on April 23 (Sat) and 24 (Sun), 2022.

Gourmet event with 20 “food trucks

The “Food Truck Street Festival” brings together 20 food trucks offering a wide variety of food. With approximately 100 different menu items, visitors will be able to enjoy unique gourmet food without getting bored.

3 gourmet areas with about 100 different menus!

The venue is divided into three areas by cuisine. The “Exquisite Gourmet Zone” offers a variety of hearty foods such as tempura rice bowls topped with crispy tempura and juicy hamburgers, the “World Gourmet Zone” offers hot oven-baked pizza, Hawaii’s classic “loco moco” and other dishes from around the world, and the “Gourmet Zone” offers gorgeous parfaits that look great on SNS and other food items. The “Sweets Zone” will feature baby sponge cakes and other items perfect for walking around.

In addition, there will be an “all-you-can-drink area” where you can enjoy draft beer, highballs, cocktails, soft drinks, etc. for 90 minutes. Visitors can enjoy drinks and food with family and friends at tables that can seat up to six people.

Magic, fair and other contents.

On the same day, there will be performances by magicians and street performers, a “fair” where visitors can enjoy super ball scooping and yo-yo fishing, and a “Handmade Expo” where handmade accessories, clothes, bags, and other items will be exhibited. The event is designed to appeal to a wide range of visitors, from children to adults.


Food Truck Street Festival

【Date】 April 23 (Sat), 24 (Sun), 2022
【Hour】 10:00 – 18:00
【Location】 Sennan Rinku Park
【Address】 2-201 Rinku Minamihama, Sennan City, Osaka, Japan
【Admission Fee】 Free (pets are allowed)

■ All-you-can-drink area overview
【Date】 April 23 (Sat), 24 (Sun), 2022
【Hour】 All-you-can-drink for 90 minutes (re-entry to the area is allowed during the time)
【Reservation Slots】 10:00~11:30、12:00~13:30、14:00~15:30、16:00~17:30
【Fee】 Adults 2,000 yen, Elementary school students and under 1,500 yen, Preschool children 1,000 yen
*Free admission for children under 3 years old
*limited in number

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