Those looking for Made in Japan cosmetics at affordable prices! Kanebo’s spring cosmetics should make your wallet very happy.

Kanebo’s spring 2023 cosmetics will be on sale from March 10, 2023 (Friday).

Wiping lotion that leads to “smooth skin”

“Kanebo Radiant Skin Refiner” is a wipe-off lotion that regenerates the skin from the inside as if it were “shedding”. A lotion containing moisturizing ingredients softens the skin and gently removes dead skin cells and excess sebum that cause stiffness. It will give you “smooth skin” with a sense of transparency and luster.

The biggest feature is that it not only cares for the surface of the skin, but also replenishes moisture from the inside. If you wipe your skin with a lotion that feels fresh and comfortable, it will lead to a bright and well-textured skin with a double care of “removing dead skin cells and conditioning with moisture”.

Not only can it be used for daily skin care, but it can also be used as body care for elbows and heels that tend to dry out. If you are concerned about rough skin or dullness due to old keratin, we recommend using a cotton pack as a special care. The fruity floral scent of muguet and rose will make you feel refreshed every time you use it.

“Kanebo Radiant Skin Refiner” All 1 type 200mL 4,950 yen

Cotton with a “gentle feel and high stain removal”

The large size “Kanebo 4 Layering Cotton” is what you want to use with this wiping lotion. It’s soft and comfortable against the skin, but it doesn’t wrinkle or become fuzzy. The surface has fine unevenness, so it is also a point that it achieves high dirt removal. Four layers of cotton can be used freely, such as a cotton pack.

“Kanebo 4 Layering Cotton” 1 type, 100 pieces, 1,100 yen

Easy UV care! mist type sunscreen

In addition, Kanebo Cheering Mist UV, a mist-type sunscreen that can be easily worn on the go, is also available. With just one swipe, a pleasant water-like mist instantly spreads and transforms into an even watery oil gel film on the skin. You can achieve UV care while adding a fresh luster.

Right) “Kanebo Cheering Mist UV” SPF50+・PA++++ 1 type 30mL 3,300 yen

It has a high UV protection effect of SPF50+ PA++++ and is super waterproof, so it is recommended for leisure and travel in spring and summer. It’s nice to be able to spray all over the body, from makeup skin that is troublesome to reapply sunscreen, to neck and back that are hard to reach, and hair that is worried about sun damage. The scent is accented with tea flower scent “Teatopia” and finished with a fresh floral note inspired by greenery and flowers.


Kanebo Spring 2023 Cosmetics

【Release Date】 Friday, March 10, 2023
【Item & Price】
・ “Kanebo Radiant Skin Refiner” All 1 type 200mL 4,950 yen
・ “Kanebo 4 Layering Cotton” 1 type, 100 pieces, 1,100 yen
・ “Kanebo Cheering Mist UV” SPF50+ / PA++++ 1 type 30mL 3,300 yen
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