To celebrate the release of the movie, we’ve decided to increase production! Eva x Buffalo “NERV Official Supplies” HDD & SSD!

In January, Buffalo released two limited edition products, “Portable HDD HD-PGF1.0U3/NRV” and “Portable SSD SSD SSD-PGM480U3/NRV”, in collaboration with the movie “EVANGELION: 3.0+1.0THRICE UPON A TIME”. We are pleased to announce that we have started to increase production and take second orders for these products in time for the release of the movie on March 8.

According to Buffalo, when the product was first released in January, the response was much greater than initially expected, and the product quickly ran out of stock after it was released. This time, the product is now available at animate stores in addition to the stores that handled it before.

The concept is “data completion planning.

This product is a portable HDD and SSD with a limited design based on the concept of the “data completion project” and the image of NERV government supplies.

The HD-PGF1.0U3/NRV has a design based on the image of the corridor in the NERV headquarters facility in the new theatrical version, with an image of government supplies used by NERV employees, and is priced at 13,980 yen including tax.

The SSD-PGM480U3/NRV is a small, business-card-sized case with a design based on a NERV staff ID card, and is priced at 14,980 yen including tax. Both products are packaged in a specially designed package that resembles a NERV government-issued product, with a special drive icon that appears when the PC is recognized (Windows only).


Eva x Buffalo “NERV Official Supplies” HDD & SSD

【Advance Order Period】 From Now on
Portable HDD HD-PGF1.0U3/NRV 13,980 yen (tax included)
Portable SSD-PGM480U3/NRV 14,980 yen (tax included)
【Store】 Animate (HDD / SSD) and EVANGELION STORE (HDD / SSD)