Today Starbucks released “ALL Purple” Halloween limited edition Purple Halloween Frappuccino!


For all of you who are enjoying your trip to Japan… today Starbucks is releasing a limited edition Halloween drink, the “Purple Halloween Frappuccino!” What a horrifyingly colored Frappuccino… it’s sure to be Insta-worthy!

ALL PURPLE” Halloween Limited Edition Frappuccino

For Halloween 2022, Starbucks presents the “Purple Halloween Frappuccino,” a Frappuccino themed on “midnight ghost pranks. From the toppings to the Frappuccino inside the cup, the mysterious “all purple” visual is as if a ghost has played a trick on you. It’s a Halloween-inspired drink that you can’t help but want to capture in a photo.

The Frappuccino, vanilla sauce, toppings, and powder are all flavored with “purple sweet potato. You can enjoy the rich taste of gently sweetened purple potatoes combined with rich vanilla ice cream.


Purple Halloween Frappuccino

【Sales Period】 October 19, 2022 (Wed.) – October 31, 2022 (Mon.) * Ends as soon as they are gone.
【Store】 Starbucks stores nationwide (excluding some stores)
【Price】 To-Go 678 yen, Eat-In 690 yen *Tall size only.
【Official Web Site】