Tokyo Banana offers Minion thick banana custard flavor, available only in the Kansai region! How about a souvenir?

Tokyo Banana” has collaborated with the “Minions” animated film series to create a new “Tokyo Banana Minion ‘Miitsuketta’ Rich Banana Custard Flavor” that will be available at major train stations, airports, department stores, and highway service areas in the Kansai region starting July 1, 2022.

20% more bananas, Kansai-exclusive “Tokyo Banana Minion, thick banana custard flavor”.

This product, created in collaboration with the popular Minion character, is the first ever “Tokyo Banana” available only in Kansai. In honor of the Minions’ love of bananas, the amount of bananas used in the custard cream has been increased by 20%. The rich, thick banana custard flavor loved in the Kansai region can be enjoyed.

Five different designs depicting the Minions

The surface of the fluffy sponge cake features a collection of mischievous minions who also appear in the latest film in the series, “Minions Fever,” which opens in theaters nationwide on Friday, July 15. A total of five different designs depicting Bob, Stuart, Kevin, Carl, and Otto are available.

Tokyo Banana Minion “Miitsuketta” Thick Banana Custard Flavor: 4 pieces, 648 yen


Tokyo Banana Minion “Miitsuketta” with rich banana custard flavor.

【Release Date】 July 1 (Fri), 2022
[Station] Shin-Osaka Station / Osaka Station / Tennoji Station / Universal City Station / Kyoto Station / Sannomiya Station / Shin-Kobe Station / Himeji Station
[Airport] Kansai International Airport/Osaka International (Itami) Airport/Kobe Airport