Too cute! gelato pique’s “Super Mario” loungewear goes on sale today!

gelato pique will start selling a loungewear collection featuring Nintendo’s “Super Mario” at its directly-managed stores nationwide and at “Nintendo TOKYO” and other stores from September 17 (Fri.), 2021.

gelato pique and the “Super Mario” Collection

The special collection by Gelato Pique and “Super Mario” will have a total of 32 models. The collection includes women’s, men’s, baby, children’s, and junior sizes, so families can enjoy matching outfits.

Setup featuring Mario, Yoshi, Teresa, and Super Mushroom

The jacquard knit set-up, which is the first thing to look out for, is available in a range of sizes for the whole family to wear together, and comes in a total of four colors. The blue one is based on Mario, the green one on Yoshi, the red one on Super Mushroom, and the black one on Teresa, the ghost.

Character Jacquard Pullover & Long Pants Set
Women’s: 12,760 yen, Men’s: 14,960 yen, Junior: 9,900 yen (online only)

Mario & Yoshi “Impersonator” Hoodie and Shorts

The knit hoodie and shorts that allow you to be Mario and Yoshi are also a must-have item. Mario’s design features the iconic overalls and red hat, while Yoshi’s design features a white tummy and green body, and a hood with Yoshi’s face on it, so you can feel like Yoshi even more.

The baby size “Narikiri” romper is also available, so a parent-child coord is recommended.

In addition, don’t miss the star-motif jacquard couches and Yoshi’s all-over patterned tops and pants, which are available for women and men.

Hoodie & shorts set, women’s, 12,320 yen

Fluffy and cute character cushions

Also look out for character cushions that can add a little playfulness to your interior. The cushions, featuring Super Mushroom, Yoshi, Teresa, and Star, are made of fuzzy material with a soft touch.

Character cushions: 4,180 yen

Large blanket with Mario and Yoshi motifs

Large blankets for use in the chilly season are available in cute designs of Yoshi, Mario, Teresa, and Star. There will also be a variety of other items such as room shoes for women and men, Yoshi-patterned pouches and eco-bags.


gelato pique “SUPER MARIO” Collection

【Release Date】 Sep. 17 (Fri), 2021
【Store】 Directly-managed gelato pique stores nationwide and “Nintendo Tokyo”
【Online Store】 gelato pique Official Online Store, EC Department Store “Usagi Online” and Nintendo Official Online Store “My Nintendo Store”.