Tully’s Coffee and “Harry Potter” collaborations, including the limited-edition “Mince Pie Latte” beverage and Hogwarts merchandise, are now available in limited quantities!

Tully’s Coffee and “Harry Potter” collaborations, including the limited-edition “Minspiration Latte” drink and Hogwarts merchandise, are now available in limited quantities!

Tully’s Coffee x “Harry Potter” 2nd Drink & Goods

Tully’s Coffee and the “Harry Potter” series collaborated for the first time in 2021 to great acclaim. This second collaboration will feature exciting limited-edition menus and goods inspired by the world of “Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets,” the second film in the series, and the Wizarding World.

Limited edition drink “Harry Potter Mince Pie Latte”

The limited-edition “Harry Potter Mince Pie Latte” is a latte inspired by “mince pies,” a classic British Christmas confection that often appears in the movies. Based on a vanilla-flavored café latte, it is topped with dried fruits, aromatic spices, mince pie sauce, and star-shaped cookies, creating a drink with a deep flavor.

Also available is the “Harry Potter Minspy Milk Tea,” a slightly sweet milk tea sprinkled with chai spice. Both drinks will be delivered in specially designed “Harry Potter” collaboration cups. A “Hedwig Sleeve” can be attached to any drink order for an additional 700 yen.

Sweets inspired by “Aunt Petunia’s Pudding”

The highlight of the collaboration sweets is a roll cake inspired by “Aunt Petunia’s Pudding,” which appears in “Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. The fluffy sponge cake is decorated with mild custard cream, green and purple whipped cream, and drained cherries to create a gorgeous appearance.

“Aunt Petunia’s Pudding Roll Cake” 525 yen

“Shepherd’s Pie” style Danish, a traditional English dish

Other food items include doughnuts filled with sweet and sour strawberry jam and cupcakes decorated with a generous amount of chocolate cream. The “English Shepherd’s Pie,” a Danish version of the traditional English dish “Shepherd’s Pie,” is perfect for those who are feeling a bit peckish.

English Shepherd’s Pie: 360 yen

Bareful in Quidditch costumes in each dormitory

Limited edition goods incorporating the world of the Wizarding World will also be available. For example, Tully’s Coffee’s popular teddy bear, “Bearful,” has been designed in the Quidditch uniforms of each dormitory of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. The details of the uniforms, such as the pigeonholes on the robes and the emblem on the chest, have been reproduced to look just like the real thing.

Dobby tumblers & robe-like blankets, etc.

In addition, a variety of other items will be available, including a tumbler featuring the house servant elf Dobby, a Hogwarts robe-like blanket, a silver bottle with the Hogwarts crest design, and a mug with a floating Hedwig when hot water is poured into it.

The first coffee beans from the collaboration, “Holiday Magic Blend,” will be available in canister cans, perfect for gift-giving.


Tully’s Coffee x “Harry Potter” Wizarding World Vol. 2

【Release Date】 Friday, October 28, 2022
【Store】 Tully’s Coffee Nationwide & Some products are available online
【Official Website】 https://www.tullys.co.jp/