TULLY’S COFFEE has just released a limited time Beverage!


TULLY’S COFFEE has introduced a seasonal Beverage menu, which will be available at all TULLY’S COFFEE stores nationwide except for some stores from April 14, 2021 (Wed).

New 3 Beverage

This time, Tully’s Coffee will be offering three limited edition drinks: “&TEA Tea Swirl Blueberry Earl Grey,” “Melon Yogurt Swirl,” and “&TEA Peach & Muscat Tea.

&TEA Tea Swirl Blueberry Earl Grey

Of particular note is the &TEA Tea Swirl Blueberry Earl Grey. It is a frozen version of Earl Grey, a popular drink at Tully’s Coffee, with the refreshing aroma of Earl Grey and the sweet and sour taste of blueberries, with honey added to add a mellow flavor.

&TEA Tea Swirl Blueberry Earl Grey
Short 517 yen (tax included), Tall 572 yen (tax included), Grande 627 yen (tax included)

Melon Yogurt Swirl

The “Melon Yogurt Swirl” is Tully’s Coffee’s first melon drink. It is made with green-fleshed melon and a mixture of eatable “Chichiyasu Yogurt” and melon juice.

Melon Yogurt Swirl
Tall: 594 yen (tax included)

&TEA Peach & Muscat Tea

The “& TEA Peach & Muscat Tea” combines the juice of Muscat of Alexandria, known as the “Queen of Grapes,” with Earl Grey tea and peach pulp. You can enjoy the fresh taste of grapes and peaches.

&TEA Peach & Muscat Tea
Tall 517 yen (tax included), Grande 572 yen (tax included)


Tully’s Coffee Seasonal Beverage

【Sales Period】 From Apr. 14 (Wed), 2021
【Store】 Tully’s Coffee nationwide, excluding some stores