TULLY’S COFFEE is now offering a dessert beverage “full of sweet potatoes” called “Warm OIMO (Sweet Potato) Latte”!


TULLY’S COFFEE’s new beverages, Warm OIMO (Sweet Potato) Latte and & TEA OIMO Tea Shake, will be available from September 2, 2022 (Friday).

Tully’s Coffee Autumn Beverage “Full of Sweet Potatoes”

Tully’s Coffee’s newest product is “all about sweet potatoes. Focusing on the autumn taste of sweet potatoes, Tully’s will offer a limited edition latte and frozen shake.

The “Warm OIMO (Sweet Potato) Latte” features a golden honeypotato sauce and whipped cream made with red haruka sweet potatoes. The latte is made with a combination of Hokkaido milk and espresso, and “oimo-zukuri” toppings are added to create a dessert-like drink.

The moderate bitterness of the espresso gives the drink a full-bodied flavor with the aroma of baked sweet potatoes. The drink can be updated by adding an espresso shot as a customization to enhance the aroma.

On the other hand, “& TEA OIMO Tea Shake” is a frozen beverage in which you can enjoy oimo with Earl Grey flavor. Earl Grey tea is used to create a milky shake with the full flavor of oimo, and a sauce that resembles mitsuimo (sweet potato) is added. The brightly marbled sauce is visually pleasing and can be enjoyed as a sweet treat.


Tully’s Coffee New Beverages

【Release Date】 Friday, September 2, 2022
【Menu & Price】
・Warm OIMO (Sweet Potato) Latte (hot/ice) Short: 545 yen, Tall: 600 yen, Grande: 655 yen
・& TEA OIMO Tea Shake Short: 660 yen, Tall: 715 yen
【Official Website】 https://www.tullys.co.jp/