Two of popular souvenirs (Snacks) from Japan

I’m going to introduce you to some cheap and tasty snacks that are popular as souvenirs in Japan. They’re all available on Amazon, so you can order them and bring them home!
I’ll introduce them little by little from time to time.

#1 Pocky

This is a standard Japanese snack made of Pritz covered with chocolate, but recently it has become very popular not only among children but also among adults, as it is now available in a version that goes well with alcohol.

[ Limited] Ezaki Glico Pocky Goddess Ruby & Adult Amber 2-piece Assorted Set Gift

Pocky (Adult Amber) is a pretzel kneaded with malt and coated with rich bitter chocolate, making it a perfect match for whiskey.
Pocky (Goddess Ruby) is a luxurious Pocky that is made to go well with red wine and has a sweet taste for adults. The pretzel has a rich flavor with cheese and spices kneaded into it, and is coated with rich bitter chocolate with a gorgeous berry aroma. Cheddar cheese, black pepper, and cloves are kneaded into the pretzel dough and baked. The bitter chocolate is flavored with three kinds of berries for a gorgeous taste.

Amazon : 1,996 yen

Other Pocky

The thinnest Pocky ever!
Ezaki Glico Pocky (Extra Thin) 2 bags x 10 pcs
1,535 yen

Luxury Chocolate & Almonds!
Ezaki Glico Almond Crush Pocky 2bags x 10pcs
1,535 yen

Lots of strawberry pulp.
Ezaki Glico Crushed Strawberry Pocky 2bags x 10pcs
1,535 yen

Matcha Flavor
Ezaki Glico Pocky (Dark Deep Green Tea) 2 bags x 10 pcs
1,598 yen

#2 Hi-Chew

Hi-Chew is not a gum, but it is a resilient candy. You’ll be addicted to its mysterious texture. There are many types on the market, and since they are inexpensive, you may want to try different ones.