Uji is the setting for the anime “Hibike! A collaboration project with “Euphonium” will be held on March 19 in Uji City, Kyoto Prefecture!

As part of the “Sound! Euphonium2021” collaboration project with the anime “Sound! Euphonium,” the “Uji City x Keihan Railway Sound! Euphonium Collaboration Festa in Tea and Uji Town History Park” will be held on March 19 (Saturday).

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The story is set in Uji City and depicts Uji Line trains and stations, as well as famous places and events in Uji City.

In this event, “tea canister making experience” using illustrations from the work and “special exhibition – Sound! Euphonium Uji Exploration” will be held at “Chazuna,” a tea and Uji city exchange center, where scenes from the work and actual landscape photos will be displayed side by side.

A special one-day digital stamp rally will also be held in Uji City, using the “Stage Meguri” smartphone application, which allows visitors to take pictures with AR characters (character images that can be superimposed on the surrounding scenery projected by a smartphone camera). In addition, headmarks will be displayed on Keihan Railway Uji Line trains to liven up the event!


Uji City & Keihan Railway Sound! Euphonium Collaboration Festa in Tea and Uji Town History Park

【Event Date】 Mar. 19 (Sat), 2022
【Place】 Tea and Uji Town Exchange Center “Chazuna”
【Address】 42 Maruyama Todo, Uji, Kyoto
【Event Details at Chazuna】 Original tea canister making experience, special exhibition, and goods sales in Chazuna
*Euphonium Uji Exploration Map” linked to the exhibition at Chazuna will be distributed at the Chazuna lobby.

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