Universal Studios Japan g will hold a new parade, “NO LIMIT! Parade,” for one year starting in the spring of 2022.

New parade “NO LIMIT! Parade” with “everyone” playing a leading role

Parade,” the first daytime parade in about a year and a half, will be a participatory entertainment event where “everyone plays a leading role,” far surpassing the image of the conventional spectator-type parade. The parade will create a sense of unity like a dance party, and each guest will be able to dance and become absorbed in the parade as if they were the main characters.

Pokémon and Mario will also participate for the first time in the park.

The parade will feature popular characters from the park such as the Minions and Hello Kitty, as well as Mario and his friends from Nintendo games, and the recently announced alliance with USJ, Pokémon. From 1960’s rock to modern EDM, they will be dancing to a wide range of party music to express their own worldviews.


USJ New Parade: “NO LIMIT! Parade”

【Opening period】 Spring 2022~