USJ’s official “Hotel Universal Port” has begun offering the third Minion Room, a recreation of Super Silly Funland!

The Hotel Universal Port, an official hotel of Universal Studios Japan, has opened its third “Minion Room” featuring the “Phantom Thief Grue” movie series, with room reservation pre-sales starting on June 14, 2022 (Tue) and accommodation starting on July 15 (Fri).

Official USJ “Hotel Universal Port” Minion Room Vol.3

Following the first “Minion Room – Gru’s Mansion” and the second “Minion Room 2 – Agnes and her sisters’ room,” the third “Minion Room” is based on the “Super Silly Funland” amusement park that Gru and his three sisters, who live under Gru, first visited in “Gru the Phantom Thief.

Recreating the world of the amusement park “Super Silly Funland”.

With amusement park scenery on the walls and a blue sky on the ceiling, the interior of the guest room is unified with the “Super Silly Funland” world. The unique shape of the bunk beds is based on a creature roller coaster motif, the TV board is modeled after the game “Space Killer,” in which Agnes challenged to win a stuffed unicorn, and a creature-shaped lampshade is decorated with furniture and interior decorations made in a workshop that also produces objects for USJ. The interior is decorated with furniture and interior furnishings made in the same workshop that also produces objects for USJ.

Super Silly Funland” is one of the most impressive and memorable scenes in the series. The entire guest room recreates that worldview in this playful collaboration room.


Minion Room 3 – “Super Silly Funland,” an amusement park of memories

【Opening Date】 Friday, July 15, 2022
【Price】 From 21,000 yen per person per room for 4 persons (including breakfast) (service charge and hotel tax not included)
*Rates are an example. Rates vary depending on the date of stay, room type, and number of guests.
【Address】 1-1-111 Sakurajima, Konohana-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka
【Official Website】