Valentine event of chocolate & miscellaneous goods is being held at Hankyu Umeda Main Store!

At the Hankyu Umeda Main Store, the chocolate sweets and miscellaneous goods event “Catchy & Harmony” for the Valentine season will be held from January 20th (Friday) to February 14th (Tuesday), 2023.

Hankyu Umeda Main Store Valentine’s Day Event for Chocolates and Miscellaneous Goods

During the period, catchy chocolate sweets and miscellaneous goods that you will want to share with someone will be gathered. Various Valentine’s products will be available, such as sweets brands that will be appearing at Hankyu Umeda Main Store for the first time, and accessories that will be limited to Hankyu Department Stores.

“<Fairy Cake Fair> My favorite Mint chocolate Cookie”

For example, from the cupcake and biscuit specialty store “Fairy Cake Fair” produced by confectionery researcher Shiromi Igara, a cat-shaped sandwich cookie with a refreshing chocolate mint flavor has appeared.

“<Fairy Cake Fair> My favorite Mint chocolate cookie” (8 pieces / made in Japan) 2,801 yen

“<Ray Cacao> Cacao Bento”

Reikakao, a chocolate confectionery specialty store that draws out the original taste of cacao, proposes “cacao bento” made with chocolate. It is a playful dish that packs rice and rice puffs that look like pickled plums and bonbon chocolates in a bento box.

“Bruscoli” gold-decorated leather accessory, “Demode” doll charm

In addition, there are a wide variety of products from sweets to small items, such as “Bruscoli” gold-decorated leather accessories that are perfect for Valentine’s Day gifts, and “Demode” doll charms that mainly develop unique bag charms.


“Catchy & Harmony”

【Event Period】
“Fairy Cake Fair” January 20 (Fri)-31 (Tue), 2023
“Ray cacao” February 1st (Wednesday) to 14th (Tuesday), 2023
“Demode” February 1 (Wed)-14 (Tue), 2023
“Bruscoli” 2023 January 18th (Wednesday) to 24th (Tuesday)
【Location】 Season event on the 1st floor of Hankyu Umeda Main Store