W Osaka’s Afternoon Tea is now being served in summer version!


W Osaka, a luxury lifestyle hotel, has started offering a limited time Afternoon Tea, “Afternoon Tea Summer Retreat” from Monday, June 21, 2021!

W Osaka’s Popular Afternoon Tea Now Available for Summer

Afternoon tea at the Living Room on the 3rd floor of the W Osaka, which has been popular since the hotel opened in March 2021, has been redesigned for summer. The iconic tea stand, a one-thousandth scale reproduction of the stylish exterior of the building designed by Tadao Ando, will remain unchanged, and guests can enjoy sweets and savories in summery vitamin colors.

Sweets and Savories in Summery Vitamin Colors

The black acrylic box-shaped tea stand is a miniature version of a hotel, and the menu features fruits and tropical ingredients that are in season in summer. There are seven kinds of sweets such as “Coconut Cream Pineapple Lime,” “Mango Tart Apricot Mousse,” and “White Peach Lemongrass Lime Verrine,” and five kinds of savories such as “Tandoori Chicken and Purple Cabbage Mini Hot Dog” with ethnic taste. The lineup is rich in variety.

The Living Room is packed with creative elements that will satisfy your curiosity, such as the exciting and sophisticated interior colors, daily live DJ performances, and unique drinks and food. Enjoy a different kind of tea time with the cool afternoon tea that is different from other hotels.


W Osaka “Afternoon Tea Summer Retreat” *Reservations required.

【Release Date】 Jun 21 (Wed), 2021
【Place】 Living Room (At 3rd floor of W OSAKA)
【Address】 4-1-3 Minami-Senba, Chuo-ku, Osaka City, Osaka
【Hour】 11:30-, 14:00-, 16:30- (90 minutes each)
【Price】 6,950 yen per person *15% service charge included.
【Reservation】 06-6484-5812