What !? Is this free gift to a magazine !? Doraemon Programming Takecopter (Hopter)!

The free gift in the May/June 2021 issue of “Shogakugaku Ichiren”, on sale April 1, is a “Doraemon Programming Takecopter (Hopter)”.

Congratulations on entering school! Special Free Gift: Doraemon Programming Takecopter (Hopter)

The perfect start to your programming education! When you program the direction to go by pressing a button, Doraemon speaks and moves according to your instructions.

Doraemon’s lines include “3, 2, 1, departure,” “I’m going left,” “I’m going right,” “I’m going forward,” “I’m going backward,” etc. You can memorize up to 14 commands.

This appendix is a great way to familiarize your children with programming education, which is now compulsory in elementary schools, at home. Please program Doraemon with your child’s own hands and try to move it.

Two AAA batteries (sold separately) are required. The number of commands that can be learned is 14.

Assembled Free Gift
Detective Conan: Mini Mini Quiz Book

This is a pocket-sized book that folds up. It may be small, but it has 18 pages! Challenge yourself with memory tests, mistake-finding, kagami-gaji quizzes, and more!

“Doraemon: Sky Walker Map.

This is a map that can be played with the “Doraemon Programming Takecopter (Hopter)” in the appendix. The streets you see from the sky are filled with stores and places you’ll want to visit!

Pokémon: Hiragana-Katakana Chart

This is a poster-type hiragana and katakana chart that is perfect for putting on a wall. It contains all the hiragana and katakana that are taught in the first grade. Let’s learn them together with the names of Pokemon!


First year elementary school students May/June 2021 issue

【Release Date】 Apr 1 (Thu), 2021
【Publisher】 Shogakukan
【JAN Code】 4910010010615
【Price】 1,980 yen (Tax included)