What a cutie! The second “Cat Nyorai Mascot Figure” capsule toy is now available!

The “Neko (Cat) Nyorai Mascot Figure 2” will go on sale. It will be available at capsule toy stores nationwide from April 7, 2021.

NEKO (Cat) Nyorai

The “Neko Nyorai” is a collaboration between Shishi Sanjo, a sculptor who has created many works featuring anthropomorphic animal figures, and Qualia, a company that is popular for its meticulous craftsmanship from scratch.

 Shishi Sanjo’s humorous and cute sculptures combine animals and humans with an exquisite degree of deformity, and have been well received for their meticulous modeling, including the fur of the animals and the clothes and accessories of the humans.

 In January 2020, Qualia released its first collaborative capsule toy, “Neko Nyorai”, which sold out immediately, and in June, an additional release was made, which also sold out quickly. In January 2021, the second release, “Neko Bodhisattva”, with all new modeling, was released.

The base color is a noble purple.

This time, a new product of the popular series will be released. The base color of the previously released “Neko Nyorai” has been changed to purple, which has a noble and mysterious image, giving the figure a more Buddha-like finish than before. In order to create a Buddha-like atmosphere, the colors have been carefully crafted one by one, such as by adding stains, and the result is said to be so good that it is hard to believe that it is a capsule toy.

 The lineup consists of a total of six types, including Kitten Nyorai, Furimuki Nyorai, Heavenly Buddha, Good Night Buddha, Afro Buddha, and a gorgeous secret. All of them have an indescribably soothing expression on their faces.


Neko Nyorai Mascot Figure 2

【Release Date】 Sequentially from April 7, 2021
【Store】 Capsule toy stores nationwide