What do you think an aquarium looks like at night? Explore a fantastic and beautiful healing space!

New Enoshima Aquarium will hold a new production of jellyfish and cherry blossoms only in spring, and “Futari no Dark Aquarium -Dark Aquarium-” where you can enjoy “Enosui” at night from March 1, 2023 (Wednesday).

A fantastic healing space of jellyfish and cherry blossoms

In the half-dome space “Jellyfish Fantasy Hall” that evokes the inside of a jellyfish, a gorgeous spring production is projected on the wall. Create a fantastic healing space where you can enjoy jellyfish swimming elegantly with cherry blossoms.

Observing creatures at Enosui at night when the lights are off after the museum is closed

In addition, “Futari no Dark Aquarium -Dark Aquarium-” will be held, where you can enjoy “Enosui” at night after the lights are off. By relying only on the light of the lanterns, you can see creatures whose expressions are different at night than they usually are.

Sakura menu such as shirasu & sakura shrimp bowl also appeared

In addition, the café in the building offers a spring-only “Sakura Menu”. The line-up includes the “Raw Shirasu Sakura Shrimp Donburi,” which is a generous serving of Enoshima’s famous raw shirasu and sakura shrimp and topped with a hot spring egg, and the “Cameron Pan,” a melon bread made from bread dough with a cherry blossom motif on its shell.

Fresh shirasu sakura shrimp bowl 1,380 yen (eat-in 1,405 yen)


New Enoshima Aquarium Spring Event
【Address】 2-19-1 Katasekaigan, Fujisawa City, Kanagawa Prefecture

■ Jellyfish Fantasy Hall Exhibition Production ~Spring~
【Event Period】 March 1st (Wednesday) – April 15th (Saturday)
【Venue】 jellyfish fantasy hall

■ Futari no DarkAquarium -Dark Aquarium-
【Event Date】 March 21 (Tue/holiday) 18:00-20:15
【Target】 140 people over 18 years old, 70 first-come-first-served pairs
【Fee】 7,000 yen (for 2 people)
【Reservation】 Apply from the website from February 11 (Sat/holiday). Registration will close as soon as it reaches capacity.
【Official Website】 https://www.enosui.com/