What if you suddenly want to eat a delicious hamburger in Tokyo?


From THE GREAT BURGER, two types of collaboration burgers with THE AOYAMA GRAND HOTEL have appeared. From February 15th (Wednesday) to March 15th (Wednesday), 2023, it will be offered at “The Belcomo” on the 4th floor of Aoyama Grand Hotel.

The Great Burger x Aoyama Grand Hotel

Harajuku and Shibuya’s Burger Shop The Great Burger offers two limited edition burgers based on the concept of Aoyama Grand Hotel, “Mid-Century”. It is characterized by a modern remake of the classic cheeseburger that is popular in the United States, and all ingredients are sandwiched between natural yeast brown buns, which is a specialty of The Great Burger.

From left) Bacon Cheese Wagyu Burger 2,800 yen, Mushroom Mozzarella Lamb Burger 2,500 yen

Bacon Cheese Wagyu Burger

First of all, the “Bacon Cheese Wagyu Burger” is a hearty burger with 150g of 100% Japanese black beef coarsely ground patty, fragrant special smoked bacon, red cheddar cheese, fresh tomato, lettuce, and red onion. The combination of bacon cheese and smoked mayonnaise sauce is outstanding. Garnish with French fries.

Bacon Cheese Wagyu Burger 2,800 yen

Mushroom mozzarella lamb burger

On the other hand, the “Mushroom Mozzarella Lamb Burger” is a burger with 150g of juicy lamb patties, butter-fried brown mushrooms and mozzarella slices, as well as fresh tomatoes, lettuce and red onions. The lamb patty was mixed with mutton to give it a richer flavor. Furthermore, combined with mushrooms, French fries can enjoy truffle flavor.

Also, during the period, burger buyers will receive a drink ticket that can be used at The Great’s burger shops. Enjoy the limited edition hamburgers at the luxurious Aoyama Grand Hotel.

Mushroom mozzarella lamb burger 2,500 yen


The Great Burger x Aoyama Grand Hotel Collaboration Burger

【Sales Period】 February 15 (Wednesday) to March 15 (Wednesday), 2023
【Restaurant】 Aoyama Grand Hotel 4F The Belcomo
【Business Hour】 Mon-Sat 8:00-23:00 Sun 8:00-22:00
*Collaboration burger orders are from 11:00 to 17:00
【Restaurant Official Website】 https://aoyamagrand.com/restaurants/the-belcomo/
【The Great Burger Official Website】 http://www.the-great-burger.com/
【Reservation】 03-6271-5429 or Online