What? Summer already? A cat is sleeping in shaved ice⁉ Summer beds for cats are now on sale!

Although the season is still winter, a new “summer bed” for cats is now available. The most distinctive feature of this bed is its visual! The shape of a shaved ice or ice cream bar is reproduced, and when your cat enters, it instantly becomes “one” with the kitty. The way she relaxes with the sweets between her legs is adorable!

Use of materials that are great for summer

The “Cool meow snack time” series began sales on February 21, 2022.

As the name suggests, this seasonal product from the Caty Man brand exclusively for cats is inspired by a cool (hinnyari) snack. To protect cats from the summer heat, contact-cooling material is used.

Lineup includes a total of three types

The lineup of designs includes three types: “Chilly Shaved Ice,” “Sizzling Soda Candy,” and “Fresh Fruit Sandwich. They are all so exquisitely realistic and handsome that I want to eat them. You can watch the cat come out of the ice cream or get sandwiched in a fruit sandwich for as long as you like.


The “Cool meow snack time” series

【Release Date】 Feb. 21, 2022
【Store】 Home centers, mass merchandisers, etc.
【Official Web Site】 https://www.doggyman.com/
*As of March 20, online sales were confirmed to be

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