When it gets hot, pop over to Komeda’s coffee! The frozen seasonal cakes are waiting for you.


Komeda’s coffee shop has introduced seasonal cakes such as “Subzero Chocolat,” which will be available at Komeda coffee shops nationwide from June 29, 2022 (Wednesday) until late September.

Subzero chocolates” eaten while frozen

The “sub-zero chocolat,” a cool and refreshing chocolate cake that is “eaten frozen,” will make its seasonal debut in 2022. The base is layered with chocolate cream and cocoa sponge, and decorated with rich chocolate sauce and shaved chocolate. For 2022, the cake will also be decorated with fluffy marshmallows. The “crispy” texture of the frozen chocolate sauce and the special summer flavor can be enjoyed only during the summer.

Subzero chocolate

Mont Blanc-style “Smack (Hohobaru) Cafe Au Lait”

In addition to the Subzero Chocolat, there are two other seasonal cakes in the lineup. Smack (Hohobaru) Cafe Au Lait” is a Mont Blanc-style cake that, as the name suggests, expresses the taste of “cafe au lait. The bittersweet coffee cream is filled with mild whipped cream, and when eaten together, the cake tastes just like “café au lait”. The topping of white chocolate adds an elegant sweetness and texture to the cake.

Smack (Hohobaru) Cafe Au Lait

“Kyoho Fluffy” chiffon cake

The aroma and taste of Kyoho grapes spread softly in your mouth the moment you bite into the “Kyoho Fluffy” chiffon cake. The “moist and fluffy” chiffon dough kneaded with domestic grape paste is coated with a refreshingly sweet grape cream. The vivid purple color of the grape sauce is drizzled over the chiffon cake to create a visually pleasing dish.

Kyoho Fluffy


Komeda Coffee Shop Seasonal Cake

【Sales Period】 June 29, 2022 (Wed) – Late September (tentative)
【Store】 Komeda Coffee Stores Nationwide
【Menu & Price】
Subzero chocolate
Hohobaru Cafe Au Lait
Kyoho Fluffy
480 – 540 yen / each
【Official Website】 https://www.komeda.co.jp/