When it’s hot, stay hydrated! Tully’s Coffee’s “Royal Milk Tea” is now a frozen drink!


TULLY’S COFFEE has released a new drink, “&TEA Tea Lister Earl Grey Royal”, at all TULLY’S COFFEE stores from Wednesday, August 4, 2021.

Tully’s “Royal Milk Tea” is now a frozen drink!

The “&TEA Tea Lister Earl Grey Royal” is a frozen drink based on Tully’s Coffee’s popular “Royal Milk Tea”.

While retaining the milky sweetness and gorgeous Earl Grey aroma that are the secrets of its popularity, the drink is arranged in a cool frozen form that is rich yet refreshing, perfect for cooling down during the hot summer days. The drink is topped with a generous amount of whipped cream, making it a drink that can also be enjoyed as a sweet treat.


“&TEA Tea Lister Earl Grey Royal

【Release Date】 Aug 4 (Wed), 2021
【Price】 Short: 627 yen, Tall: 682 yen
【Store】 All Tully’s Coffee stores