When you arrive at Tokyo Station, why not enjoy melty custard cream sweets that will make your eyes and stomach happy?


Ecute Tokyo and Gransta Tokyo commercial facilities at Tokyo Station will hold a Custard Fair from Thursday, February 16, 2023 to Monday, March 27, 2023.

“Melty” custard-filled sweets and bread gather!

At the “Custard Fair”, sweets and bread that use plenty of “Melty” smooth custard cream are available. It has a rich lineup of classic cream puffs, cakes, cream buns, and more.

Japanese egg confectionery “Pie rice cracker made by an egg shop” 390 yen Limited to Tokyo Station

Cream puff with “custard pudding”

Of particular note is the “Pudding Choux” presented by “Henri Charpentier” at Gransta Tokyo. You can enjoy the supreme taste of the “Trinity” that combines the gentle sweetness of custard pudding, rich custard cream, and crème chantilly.

Henri Charpentier “Pudding Choux” 324 yen (1 piece)

Custard x Melty apple soft ice cream

From Ecute Tokyo “Koiwai Farm”, “Ringo Custard Soft”, which is a milky soft serve ice cream topped with rich custard cream, is now available. Inside the cup, diced apples from Koiwai Farm and apple sauce are simmered.

Koiwai Farm “Apple custard soft serve” 790 yen Limited to Tokyo Station

French toast-shaped “custard” cheesecake

Gransta Tokyo “Ivorish” will prepare a souffle cheesecake “French toast cheesecake” wrapped in custard cream. Crumbs blended with bread crumbs are decorated around it to add an accent to the texture. The unique appearance of French toast is also a point.

Ivorish “French toast cheesecake” 1,350 yen

Pudding short that can be eaten with one hand

“One-handed sweets” that can be eaten with one hand, “Shortcake in one hand (pudding short)” are available from Gransta Tokyo “Ura”. Pudding jelly and whipped cream with fresh cream are sandwiched between caramel-flavored sponges.

Ura “Happiness of shortcake in one hand (pudding short)” 378 yen Limited to Tokyo Station

Fruit sandwich with custard

Also, don’t miss the bread menu where you can fully enjoy the custard cream. The “Fruit Special (Custard)” sold by Gransta Tokyo “Premium Sand + Cafe Märchen” is a sandwich made with various fruits and custard cream. Enjoy the harmony of fresh fruit and rich custard.

Premium Sand + Cafe Fairy Tale “Fruit Special (Custer)” Take-out 604 yen with 2 cuts / Eat-in 616 yen with 2 cuts Limited to Tokyo Station



【Event Period】 Thursday, February 16, 2023 to Monday, March 27, 2023
【Location】 Ecute Tokyo, GRANSTA Tokyo
【Official Website】 https://www.ecute.jp/tokyo | https://www.gransta.jp/mall/gransta_tokyo/