Why don’t you enjoy Sunflower Summer Festa during your Obon vacation? Let’s go to Sakai City, Green Museum, and Harvest Hill!

“From July 21 (Wed.) to August 22 (Sun.), 2021, “Sunflower Summer Festa” will be held at Harvest Hill, a 3,000 m2 flower garden, where visitors can enjoy 60,000 sunflowers in full bloom, sunflower-related experiences, and a gourmet menu.

Sunflower Summer Festa Outline

1) A field of 60,000 sunflowers

Flowering season: Late July to mid-August /
Best time to see: End of July

Type: Sunrich orange

Number of trees : About 60,000

Location : Flower garden C (approx. 3,000m2)

*Flowering time may vary depending on weather and other factors.

2) Sunflower Photo Contest

A sunflower photo contest using Instagram was held.
Take a picture of sunflowers at Harvest Hill and post it on Instagram with “#Harvest Hill 2021 Summer Photo Contest”.
Winners will receive great prizes, including some of our own products!

【Application period】 July 21 (Wed) to August 22 (Sun) 23:59
【Prize】 Sunflower Division Grand Prize: 1
Portrait Division Grand Prize … 1 winner
*A total of 15,000 yen worth of homemade products, goods, and Harvest Hill gift certificates

     Sunflower division prizes … 5 persons
     Portrait Division Prizes: 5 persons     
*Homemade products worth 5,000 yen

     Participation prizes (by drawing) … 50 people
     *Original goods

3) Picking sunflowers

You can pick your favorite sunflower from the sunflower field and take it home.

【Date and time】 Aug 1 (Sun) 13:00~
*I’m sorry to inform late!
【Number of participants】 Applications for the first 50 people
【Material】 300yen/3 copies

4) Limited Time Sunflower Menu

Summer only. There are many handcraft experiences and gourmet menus related to sunflowers.

Sunflower Pizza

A fruit pizza inspired by sunflowers. The petals are peaches and pineapples. The center is topped with chocolate and sunflower seeds. At the stone oven pizza studio, pizzas are carefully baked one by one in the restaurant’s stone oven upon receiving an order.

【Sales Period】 Jul 21 (wed) – Aug 31 (Tue)
【Price】 1,200 yen
【Place】 Stone oven pizza studio in the food hall (11:30-15:00)

Sunflower Curry

Curry in the shape of a lovely sunflower. The petals are made of saffron rice. The taste is medium hot, and the leaves are made with homemade sausage.

It is served at a restaurant right next to the sunflower field.

【Sales Period】 Jul 21 (wed) – Aug 31 (Tue)
【Price】 1,000 yen
【Place】 Kitchen House (11:00-15:00)

Sunflower Shaved Ice cream

Shaved ice in sunflower colors. Melon and lemon flavored syrup is used. The shaved ice is topped with homemade soft ice cream.

【Sales Period】 Jul 21 (wed) – Aug 31 (Tue)
【Price】 500 yen
【Place】 Craft Plaza Food House (11:00 – 16:00)

Sunflower Melon Buns

A cute melon pan in the shape of a sunflower. I recommend eating it while watching the sunflowers in the sunflower field!

【Sales Period】 Jul 3 (Sat) – Aug 31 (Tue)
【Price】 250 yen
【Place】 Bakery in town (10:00-15:30 *Closed on Wednesdays)

Flower Frame Sunflower ver.

Experience using yellow gerberas to make sunflower-style interior decorations for your home.

【Sales Period】 Jul 21 (Wed) – Aug 31 (Tue)
【Price】 2,500 yen + parts fee
【Place】 Craft Workshop (10:00 – 16:00)

Herbarium Sunflowers ver.

A popular herbarium making experience. You can use yellow gerbera to create a sunflower style.

【Sales Period】 Jul 21 (Wed) – Aug 31 (Tue)
【Price】 2,400 yen
【Place】 Craft Workshop (10:00 – 16:00)


“Sunflower Summer Festa.”

【Event Period】 Jul 21 (Wed) – Aug 22 (Sun), 2021
【Place】 Sakai Green Museum, Harvest Hill
【Address】 2405-2 Hachigamineji, Minami-ku, Sakai City, Osaka
【Official Web site】 https://farm.or.jp/event/8823