Why don’t you spend the best and wonderful vacation while enjoying Japanese food and culture in the middle of Tokyo?

Auberge TOKITO, a restaurant and teahouse with accommodations, is scheduled to open in the spring of 2023 in Tachikawa, Tokyo.

An auberge that fuses Japanese food, tea, and inn culture

Auberge Tokito is a new auberge in Tachikawa, Tokyo. The restaurant and teahouse, which has accommodation facilities with free-flowing hot springs in all rooms, is a new place to satisfy the “time” of the guests and to spread Japanese food and culture to the world like the flapping ibis. to open.

“Shokubo (Dining Room)” pursues the deliciousness of Japanese food with carefully selected ingredients

At “Shokubo (Dining Room)”, the chefs themselves go to the producers to procure the main ingredients, and offer Japanese cuisine made with carefully selected ingredients. You can enjoy the true richness of Japanese cuisine prepared by chefs who have won two Michelin stars and other illustrious careers.

Dining Room

“Sabo (Tea Room)” where you can enjoy the aesthetic sense and creation of “tea”

The 16-seat tea room is supervised by “Chahojo” in Meguro, Tokyo, who proposes new ways to enjoy Japanese tea. By reinterpreting Japanese tea culture, which has evolved widely according to the region, customs, times, and manufacturing methods, from a modern perspective and developing it into a unique style, we provide new comfort and enjoyment.

Tea Room

All rooms are equipped with free-flowing open-air baths to heal the mind and body from the inside out.

All guest rooms are spacious with an area of 106 square meters and are equipped with open-air hot spring baths and spa treatment rooms. A sophisticated space limited to 4 groups per day that will make you forget the hustle and bustle of the city. The Japanese-modern space designed with the theme of “restoration of mind and body” creates the ultimate relaxation that can only be found in an inn where the chefs serve.

Guest Room


Auberge TOKITO

【Scheduled to open】 Spring 2023 *By reservation only
【Address】 1-24-26 Nishikicho, Tachikawa City, Tokyo
【Facility composition】
・ Dining room: 10 seats at the counter, 22 seats in the hall, 3 private rooms (4 seats each), 1 separate room (banquet hall divided into 3, maximum 20 people)
・Inn: 4 guest rooms with open-air hot spring baths *Including spa treatment rooms (all rooms 106 square meters)
・Tea Room: 16 seats *For both tea time and bar time
【Official Website】 https://www.aubergetokito.com/