WITTAMER’s chocolatey shaved ice with a “soft melt-in-your-mouth” snow-like texture will be available exclusively at the Umeda Daimaru store in Osaka!


WITTAMER, the chocolate brand of the Belgian royal family, has introduced a limited time shaved ice dessert, “Glass Piret Desserts,” which will be available at the WITTAMER Umeda Daimaru Chocolat Bar in Osaka from June 1 (Tuesday) to August 31 (Tuesday), 2021.

Shaved ice with a “fluffy” snow-like texture

WITTAMER’s “Glass Piret Desserts” are shaved ice desserts that are available only during the summer season every year. The secret behind its popularity is its light and fluffy texture, which melts in your mouth like snow.

Chocolat” with berry sauce

There are two flavors, “Chocolat” and “Chocolat Blanc”. The “Chocolat,” made with cacao beans from the Arriba region of Ecuador, is a product that lets you taste the deep and rich flavor of cacao. After savoring the flavor of cacao, you can also enjoy the berry sauce with fruit pulp to “change the taste”.

Glass piret desserts (chocolat) 990 yen (tax included)

Chocolat Blanc” with tropical sauce

Chocolat Blanc is based on Opus White 35%, a white chocolate that uses “meadow milk” to give a rich milkiness. Flavor. If you add mango and orange tropical sauce with liquor as a secret flavor, you will never get bored of eating it until the end.

Glass piret desserts (chocolat blanc) 990 yen (tax included)


Glass piret desserts (chocolate/chocolat blanc) 990 yen each (tax included) *Eat-in only

【Sales Period】 Jun 1 (Tue) – Aug 31 (Tue), 2021
【Store】 WITTAMER Osaka Umeda Store, Chocolat Bar
【Address】 3-1-1 Umeda, Kita-ku, Osaka City
【Phone】 06-6341-2007