Would you like to enjoy a cup of tea in the world of the Dark Princess? The “Dalmatian Queen Afternoon Tea” will be held for a limited time only.


The “Dalmatian Queen Afternoon Tea,” which expresses the “world of a dark princess,” will be held at the Osaka Art Grace Wedding Coast from April 16 (Fri.) to June 27 (Sun.), 2021.

“Afternoon Tea at the Dark Princess”

The “Dalmatian Queen Afternoon Tea” is an afternoon tea where you can fully enjoy sweets inspired by the world of dark princesses. The menu includes dress cakes inspired by the Villains, as well as cakes, chocolates, and baked goods reminiscent of the Dark Princesses.

The sweets are served in a sweet stand that gives you a rich feeling. Dalmatian print rolls, macaroons, Mont Blanc with tiara, heel chocolates, and other cute menu items will be lined up.

You can also enjoy unlimited coffee, tea, and other beverages. There is also a selection of sandwiches, salads, and other savories, so enjoy an elegant tea time with your favorite drink.


Dalmatian Queen Afternoon Tea

【Period】 April 16 (Fri.) – June 27 (Sun.), 2021 *Thursdays through Sundays; dates may vary depending on the schedule.
【Hour】 Thu, Fri, 13:00- or 15:00- / Sat, Sun, 11:00- or 13:00- or 15:00
【Price】 Adults 4,000 yen / Dress cake only 1,500 yen
【Place】 Osaka Art Grace Wedding Coast
【Address】 2-8-1, Minami-Minatokita, Suminoe-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka
【Reservation】 06-6569-5537