Would you wear these glasses to the movies? Evangelion collaboration eyewear now on sale♪

The third eyewear collaboration between JINS and Evangelion will be available for order from March 8 (Mon.) to March 29 (Mon.), 2021, at JINS stores nationwide. Delivery is scheduled for around October.

JINS x Evangelion’s New Eyewear

This is the third collaboration between JINS and Evangelion since 2012. The new products will be released to commemorate the release of the new animated film “EVANGELION: 3.0+1.0 THRICE UPON A TIME”, the final chapter of the series. The items to be released are a total of three types of glasses and sunglasses inspired by Evangelion’s form.

Unit 00 glasses

The glasses, inspired by the first plane, have a classical silhouette, but the gap between the lens and the rim is casually opened to reproduce the eyes of the first plane. The two-stage hinges were designed in the image of Evangelion’s movements, and the temple ends were designed in the image of arm parts.

Unit 02 glasses

The glasses are based on the Unit002 motif, and the four studs in the center represent the eyes of Unit2. The yoroi that replicate arm parts and the bridge that reminds of horns are also points that fans will love.

Unit 00 Sunglasses

Inspired by the first plane, the sunglasses come in a set with mirror lenses and colored lenses that shine in rainbow colors. You can enjoy changing them according to your mood. The futuristic nose padless design was realized by adopting the specification of wearing the sunglasses between the back of the ear and the temple.

Original box and limited edition clear file.

Each pair of glasses and sunglasses comes with an original box as well as a glasses case. Each pair of glasses and sunglasses comes with an original box as well as an eyeglass case, and a limited number of original clear files will also be given to those who purchase them.

Virtual try-on and display of actual products at the store

In addition, all JINS stores have an Evangelion version of “MEGANE on MEGANE,” which allows customers to virtually try on eyewear while wearing their glasses. You can also score the suitability of the glasses and enjoy shopping as if it were a game. Some stores will also display the actual collaboration eyewear.



【Sales Period】 Orders will be accepted from the opening hours of Monday, March 8, 2021 to the closing hours of Monday, March 29, 2021.
*Online orders will be accepted from Monday, March 8 (10:00) to Monday, March 29 (23:59).
【Store】 JINS stores nationwide (except rim of jins), JINS online store
*No phone orders accepted. *Orders will be closed as soon as the scheduled number is reached.
*The actual product will be on display at LINKS UMEDA.
【Hands Over】 Scheduled for October.