“Yama to Koori” specialty store in Minoh City, Osaka, is now offering a new summer product for a limited time only!


Yama to Koori (Mountain & Ice), a shaved ice and Mont Blanc specialty restaurant in Minoh, Osaka, is introducing new summer shaved ice flavors to its menu lineup from June to August 2022.

Yama to Koori, a shaved ice specialty store by a popular confectionery store

Yama to Koori (Mountain & Ice), which just opened in August 2021, specializes in shaved ice and Mont Blanc, produced by the popular western-style confectionery store Chez Nakatka. It proposes a Western-style hybrid shaved ice that combines shades of flavor and volume that will satisfy even the most discerning of sweets lovers with the melt-in-your-mouth and refreshing taste that only shaved ice can offer.

Honey kiwi and yogurt.

The “Honey Kiwi and Yogurt,” for example, is a combination of refreshing yogurt syrup and fresh kiwi syrup on ice with a hint of yogurt ice cream. Shining on top of the yogurt espuma is a gorgeous butterfly pea jelly that evokes the coolness of summer.

“Honey kiwi and yogurt” Eat-in 1,300 yen / To-Go 1,100 yen

Blueberry Rare Cheese

Also available only in July, the “Blueberry Rare Cheese” flavor is a shaved ice that takes advantage of the sweet and sour marriage of rare cheese cream and blueberry sauce. The refreshing harmony of flavors created by the pulpy blueberry confiture, crunchy pie crumb, and blueberry sauce dripping generously from the rare cheese sauce can be enjoyed.

“Blueberry rare cheese” Eat-in 1,300 yen / To-go 1,100 yen

Thick pineapple, polar bears, and various standard menu items are also available.

In addition, a variety of other menu items are available, including “Thick Pineapple and Cream Cheese Sauce” topped with plenty of flavor-enriched pineapple sauce, “Hakuma Ice” made with plenty of fresh fruit, and various standard shaved ice items such as the popular “Raspberry Sauce and Italian Pistachio Sauce”.

“Polar bear Ice” Eat-in 1,300 yen / To-go 1,100 yen


“Yama to Koori” (Mountain & Ice)

【Address】 Commodore Post I, 1F, 6-2-12 Onoharanishi, Mino-shi, Osaka, Japan
【Hour】 11:00-18:30(L.O.18:00)
【Regular Holiday】 Thursday
【Website】 https://tabelog.com/osaka/A2706/A270603/27124585/