YOKU MOKU has released a limited-edition “Cigar au Matcha,” a mature flavor using Uji green tea!

YOKU MOKU launched its early summer limited edition “Cigar au Matcha” on Friday, April 15, 2022.

Limited edition “Cigar” in “green tea flavor

Cigar au Matcha” is a popular early-summer-only confectionary that is a matcha-flavored version of Yok Mok’s classic “Cigar” confectionary. While maintaining the rich buttery flavor characteristic of the “cigar,” the bitter Uji green tea is used to give it a “slightly mature” taste.

The buttery rolled dough, kneaded with matcha green tea and baked to perfection, is filled with matcha-infused white chocolate. The light, crispy texture and delicate mouth feel characteristic of the “cigar” are combined with the sweetness of the matcha chocolate to create a luxurious finish.

Product Lineup

The new packaging, which was just renewed last year, has an impressive bright green color reminiscent of matcha green tea. The product lineup includes a 6-pack and a 22-pack that includes the standard “Cigar” product.


Yoku Moku, Cigar au Matcha

【Sales Period】 April 5 (Fri) – June 30 (Thu), 2022 *Sales end as soon as sold out
【Store】 Aoyama main store, stores in department stores and train station airports nationwide, and online store

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