YOKU MOKU will release “Chocolat Cigar,” a rolled cookie covered with Valentine’s Day limited edition sweet chocolate!

YOKU MOKU has introduced a winter-only sweet, “Chocolat Cigar,” which will be available at YOKU MOKU’s Aoyama flagship store and other stores from January 8 (Sun.) to February 28 (Tue.), 2023.

Rolled cookies covered with chocolate

The “Cigar” is a classic product of Yaok Mok, made of thin dough rolled with plenty of butter. In 2023, the Valentine’s season limited edition “Chocolat Cigar,” a chocolate-covered version of the “Cigar,” will appear again.

The base of “Chocolat Cigars” is rich Belgian chocolate. While the regular “cigar” uses both salted and unsalted butter, the “Chocolat cigar” dares to use only unsalted butter to bring out the full flavor of the chocolate.

“Chocolat Cigar” (10 pieces) 2,700 yen

Two flavors, “semi-sweet” and “milk,” can be enjoyed in a single box. A “petit” size is also available for easy pick-up.

Petit chocolat cigar (7 cigars) 1,080 yen


YOKU MOKU “Chocolat Cigar”

【Sales Period】 January 8, 2023 (Sun) – February 28, 2023 (Tue) *End as soon as they are gone.
【Store】 Yoku Moku Aoyama Honten, department stores nationwide, train stations, airports, etc., and Yoku Moku’s official online store