YOKU MOKU’s 22nd Valentine’s Day Sweets “Chocolat Cigar” Now on Sale!

YOKU MOKU’s limited edition Valentine’s Day sweets, “Chocolat Cigarettes,” will be on sale from January 8 (Sat.) to March 14 (Mon.), 2022, at the Aoyama Main Store and department stores nationwide.

The Chocolat Cigar is back this year!

The “Chocolat Cigar” that appears every year during the Valentine’s Day season is a limited-edition chocolate coated version of Jock Mock’s classic “rolled” cookie “Cigar.

In order to make the most of the texture of the Cigars’ familiar Langdosher dough, which seems to fall apart in the mouth, the chocolate is made to be smooth. In order to bring out the rich cocoa flavor, only unsalted butter, which is essential for the Cigars, is used, and the texture of the chocolate and cookie dough is made slightly thicker than usual.

All two chocolate flavors

There are two flavors in total. The Milk Chocolate, with its milky chocolate flavor, and the Semi-Sweet Chocolate, a rich combination of sweet chocolate and milk chocolate with a well-balanced sweetness and bitterness, are packed in one box.


In addition to the 6-pack and 10-pack varieties, there are also “petite” 4-pack and 7-pack varieties that are perfect for small gifts. In addition, the packaging has been redesigned for 2022, with a luxurious chocolate color.


Chocolat Cigar” 2022 Limited Edition Package

【Sales Period】 Jan 8 (Sat) – Mar 14 (Mon), 2022
【Store】 YOKU MOKU Aoyama Main Store, stores in department stores, train stations, airports, etc. nationwide, official online store
Chocolate Cigar – 6-pack (3 semi-sweet, 3 milk) 1,620 yen
Chocolat Cigars – 10-pack (5 semi-sweet, 5 milk) 2,700 yen
Petit chocolat cigars – 4-pack (2 semi-sweet, 2 milk) 648 yen
Petit Chocolat Cigars – 7-pack (23 semi-sweet, 4 milk) 1,080 yen