You can easily get delicious sweets at convenience stores! If you feel like eating strawberries, go straight to Lawson!


Lawson will release sweets supervised by the strawberry sweets specialty store “ICHIBIKO” at Lawson stores nationwide from August 15, 2023 (Tuesday).

Lawson x Strawberry Sweets Specialty Store “Ichibiko”

Double-layered strawberry mousse

For the summer, Lawson and Ichibiko present two sweets using sweet and sour strawberries. “Summer Strawberry Mousse” is a two-layered sweet made by layering strawberry milk mousse on milk mousse. The bright red strawberry sauce that decorates the top is an accent.

Uchi Café×ICHIBIKO Summer Strawberry Mousse 225 yen

Strawberry tart topped with strawberry jelly

On the other hand, “Summer Strawberry Tart” is a tart where you can enjoy the contrast between sweetness and sourness. Topped with strawberry yogurt cream, yogurt mousse, and bright red strawberry jelly on the baked tart dough poured with strawberry cream.

Uchi Café×ICHIBIKO Summer Strawberry Tart 235 yen *Okinawa only 268 yen


Sweets supervised by Lawson “Ichibiko”

【Release Date】 Tuesday, August 15, 2023
【Story】 Lawson stores nationwide *Excluding “Lawson Store 100”
【Official Website】