You can enjoy “Classical Lady’s Autumn Afternoon Tea” at the wedding hall!


Afternoon Tea “Classical Lady’s Autumn Afternoon Tea” will be held at St. Grace Villa, Shinsaibashi, Osaka on September 5 (Sunday), 11 (Saturday), 12 (Sunday), 23 (Thursday), 15 (Friday), and 29 (Friday), 2021.

Afternoon tea with autumn flavors that will tickle your fancy

The “Classical Lady’s Autumn Afternoon Tea” is an afternoon tea that offers girly sweets with autumn flavors. It features autumnal colors and motifs that tickle a girl’s fancy, such as teddy bears and tartan checks.

Teddy bear cookies, Mont Blanc, etc.

The first dish was a plate of cakes and mousses. Apple Cinnamon Mousse” and “Mont Blanc”, both of which are autumn delicacies, are served with the lovely looking “Tartan Check Lollipop” and “Torunto Caramel Pudding”.

For the second plate, cute tartan-checked “teddy bear cookies” and madeleines are served. A glossy “Marron Caramel Glace” will also be served.

The third dish has two types of scones with honey. One is a sweet potato scone and the other is a tea scone, a lineup that allows you to taste the flavors of autumn.

There are two kinds of snacks: “Salmon and Cream Cheese Pancakes” and “Pie Wrapped Baked Shrimp and Pumpkin Stew”. Drinks are available in a wide variety, including coffee, tea, and fruit juice.


Classical Lady’s Autumn Afternoon Tea

【Date & Time】 September 5, 2021 (Sun) Part 1, 11:30~13:00 / Part 2, 14:00~15:30 / September 11 (Sat) 17:00~18:30 / September 12 (Sun) 16:00~17:30 / September 23 (Holiday / Wed) 11:30~13:00 / October 15 (Fri) 14:00~15:30 / October 29 (Fri) 14:00~15:30
【Place】 Shinsai1-1-18 Shinmachi, Nishi-ku, Osaka City, Osakabashi St. Grace Villa
【Address】 1-1-18 Shinmachi, Nishi-ku, Osaka City, Osaka
【Price】 4,000 yen *Service charge included / *Payment: Cash or Pay Pay