You can enjoy the “Classical Lady Afternoon Tea” at the wedding hall!


The “Classical Lady Afternoon Tea” from St. Grace Villa, Shinsaibashi, Osaka, will be served on selected days from July 18 (Sunday) to August 28 (Saturday), 2021.

Classical Lady Afternoon Tea” with a variety of “black and white” sweets

The “Classical Lady Afternoon Tea” features a variety of girly sweets in black and white. It is served on a three-tiered sweets stand with organza ribbons that resemble twin-tails.

Black dress cookies and sweets decorated with tiaras.

The first tier features four types: Classic Cake, Blancmange and White Wine Jelly, Dressy Icing Cookie, and White Tuncalon. The “Dressy Icing Cookie” is an iconic item that resembles a classic black dress.

The second tier contains White SAINT HONORE Princess, Monochrome Madeleine, and Heart Double Cheesecake. The White SAINT HONORE PRINCESS is decorated with a tiara to give it a cute appearance.

There will also be two types of scones with fromage cream, and a separate plate of pasta salad and other snacks. Crushed ice cake will also be available as an option.


Classical Lady Afternoon Tea

【Offer schedule】 July 18, 2021 (Sun) 11:30~13:00, July 22 (Wood/Zhu) 11:30~13:00/14:00~15:30, July 24 (Earth) 11:30~13:00, July 31 (Earth) 11:30~13:00/14:00~15:30, August 1 (Sun) 11:30~13:00/14:00~15:30, August 14 (Earth) 11:30~13:00/14:00~15:30, August 28 (Earth) 11:30~13:00/14:00~15:30 13:00/14:00~15:30, August 14 (earth) 11:30~13:00/14:00~15:30, August 28 (earth) 11:30~13:00/14:00~15:30
【Place】 Shinsaibashi St. Grace Villa
【Address】 1-1-18 Shinmachi, Nishi-ku, Osaka City, Osaka
【Price】 4,000 yen / person, *Payment can be made in cash or via PayPay.
【Reservation & Inquiries】 Online or Phone: 06-7654-8480 (12:00-20:00 on weekdays / 9:00-21:00 on Sunday)