You can feel like you’re in Taiwan in Japan⁉ “Shokusai Terrace: The World of Taiwan” featuring authentic gourmet foods and sweets from the Taiwan Night Market will be held at the Hanshin Umeda Main Store!


The Hanshin Umeda Main Store’s Taiwanese gourmet event “The 2nd Food Festival Terrace-like Taiwanese World” will be held from January 18 (Wed.) to 23 (Mon.), 2023.

Taiwanese gourmet event at Hanshin Umeda Main Store, “Shokusai Terrace-teki Taiwan no Sekai” (The World of Taiwanese Gourmet)

The “Shokusai Terrace: The World of Taiwanese Gourmet” is a gourmet event that introduces the deep appeal of Taiwanese cuisine through food that can be enjoyed at a Taiwanese night market. This second edition of the “Shokusai Terrace: The World of Taiwanese Gourmet” will again allow visitors to enjoy authentic Taiwanese gourmet food as if they were enjoying eating and walking around at a night market.

Marayu Dangdang Noodles Dojima Taiwanese Snack 168 (Dojima, Osaka)
Shirunashi Tangyan-men (noodle soup without soup) 918 yen per person

Rouleau rice, a staple of Taiwanese cuisine

One of the staples of Taiwanese cuisine is lu-lo rice, which is becoming increasingly well-known and popular in Japan. The Taiwanese restaurant “Hinami Taiwan hán” from Oyodo, Osaka, will offer exotic-flavored lu-lo rice with braised pork belly flavored with octagonal horns and other spices and served over jasmine rice.

Hinami Taiwan hán (Oyodo, Osaka) / Rouleau rice 1 serving 1,080 yen

Small baskets & chimaki made by Taiwanese owner

The freshly steamed dim sum is also not to be missed. The xiaolongbao (basket dumplings) from Taiwanese restaurant Dojima Taiwan Xiaozui 168, also from Osaka, is a juicy dish with a thin skin and a flavorful broth that overflows from the inside. Combined with the chimaki, which is filled with a variety of ingredients, you can enjoy the local flavor prepared by the Taiwanese owner.

Dojima Taiwanese Snack 168 (Dojima, Osaka)
6 xiaolongbao (small basket) 770 yen, 1 chimaki 528 yen

Sweets with traditional flavor “Douhua”

Don’t forget to have a sweet treat after your meal. The “Touhua” at “Sao Dou Hua,” a specialty store in Umeda, Osaka, which has been passed down by three generations of Taiwanese parents and their children, combines soft peanuts and winter melon syrup to create a traditional Taiwanese flavor.

Noisy Bean Blossom (Umeda, Osaka)
Peanut soybean flour 638 yen per person

Taiwanese doughnuts evolving with stores’ original recipes

One thing that has gained a reputation at night markets over the past few years is Taiwanese doughnuts, which are said to be evolving with each store’s unique recipe. The Taiwanese doughnuts at “Taiwanese Breakfast Specialty Store WANNA MANNA” are made of fermented dough, battered and deep-fried to give them a unique texture.

The colorful neon lights and lanterns, the lively stalls, and the mouth-watering spicy aroma of Taiwanese doughnuts. Come and enjoy authentic Taiwanese gourmet food at this event where you can enjoy an authentic Taiwanese night market.

WANNA MANNA (Minamimorimachi, Osaka) Taiwanese breakfast specialty store
Taiwanese doughnut (plain and milk): 301 yen each


The 2nd Food Festival Terrace-like Taiwanese World

【Event Period】 Wednesday, January 18 – Monday, January 23, 2023
【Venue】 Hanshin Umeda Main Store, 1st floor, Shokusai Terrace
【Official Website】