You should try it! McDonald’s just released a Godiva supervised hot chocolate today!

On January 19, McDonald’s Japan started selling “Godiva Hot Chocolate”, a limited time drink in collaboration with GODIVA, at McDonald’s stores nationwide.

Chocolate beverage is perfect for cold winter!

This chocolate drink was created under the supervision of GODIVA. The rich and deep flavor of cacao and the natural sweetness of milk are in perfect balance, making it the perfect drink for the cold winter months.

 Under the supervision of GODIVA’s Executive Chef Chocolatier/Pastry Chef Yannick Chevreau, the luxurious taste of hot chocolate was jointly developed. A generous amount of shave chocolate topped with Belgian chocolate is stirred well just before drinking to melt the heavy aroma and richness of cocoa.

 The special cup has a luxurious original design with the McDonald’s and GODIVA logos placed on a black background. It is a beverage that can also be enjoyed visually.


GODIVA Hot Chocolate

【Sales Period】 Jan. 19 (Wed) – Mid-February (to be determined)
【Price】 Small; 350 yen / Medium; 440 yen
【Store】 McDonald’s nationwide

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