You’ve got to try the limited-time flavor, “pino Amau Strawberry,” which is made with 100% Amau strawberry juice!


Pino, sold by Morinaga Milk Industry, is a bite-sized ice cream in which smooth ice cream and smooth chocolate melt in the mouth in a perfect balance. This year marks the 45th anniversary of the product’s release, and it is a long-selling and popular product loved by people of all ages.

From the “Pino” series, “Pino Amao Strawberry” 140 yen (tax not included) will be available for a limited time from Monday, March 29th until September.

Authentic strawberry taste made with 100% Amao juice.

“Pino AMAO Strawberry” is a strawberry ice cream coated with rich and smooth milk chocolate to fully enjoy the classic taste of strawberry and chocolate.

The strawberry ice cream is made with 100% Amaou juice, allowing you to enjoy the authentic and sweet taste of strawberries. You’ve got to try this!


Pino AMAO Strawberry

【Sales Period】 Mar 29 (Fri) – Sep
【Price】 140 yen + Tax
【Store】 Supermarkets, CVS, mass merchandisers, etc. throughout Japan.