Zombies appear in Shibuya! Plan to visit Shibuya now!

Zombies from Universal Studios Japan’s (USJ) popular Halloween event “Halloween Horror Nights” have landed in Shibuya. “Shibuya Scream ~Halloween Horror Night~” will be held for a limited time from August 17th (Thursday) to August 19th (Saturday), 2023.

Zombies from “Halloween Horror Nights” land in Shibuya

A wide variety of zombies appearing in the ever-popular “Halloween Horror Nights” have left the park and landed in Shibuya for the first time. At the event venue of “Shibuya Scream ~Halloween Horror Night~”, zombies will be wandering around, engulfing guests in a vortex of fear.

In a complete turn, Ado’s new song “Sho” and a new dance performed a completely new “Zombie de Dance”, and the guests danced with the zombies to the destructive beat. You can enjoy the exciting experience of “Halloween Horror Night” in Shibuya.

In addition, during the event, a lottery will be held to win Universal Express Passes and 1-Day Studio Passes.


Shibuya Scream ~Halloween Horror Night~

【Event Period】 August 17th (Thursday) to August 19th (Saturday), 2023
【Hour】 ①18:15~18:45、②20:00~20:30
*The schedule for 8/17 may change at a later date. Check the official website for details. There is no change information as of 8/12.
【Place】 SHIBUYA STREAM / Inari Bridge Square
【Address】 3-21-3 Shibuya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
【Official Website】 https://www.usj.co.jp/web/ja/jp/news/2023/0807